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Axel. French. American. Living in the Alps and faking sanctity since 1995.



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I was in the library this morning and we could hear the record of a Portuguese singer from the video room, occupied by the middle-school Portuguese teacher. It was a very nice song. I’m going to try to find it.

You might find this ridiculous, but for the first time of my life I saw a rat in a city. It was casually cleaning its head on the side of the pathway. It stayed there unafraid of the people walking by, unafraid of me looking at it from close. 

Anonymous asked: Dear Axel, aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper? Please respond.

I’m 1,83m tall. It’s not that short, is it? Actors in the Star Wars series looked pretty short. In fact, actors in general are pretty short. So I guess I’d be tall enough to be a stormtrooper, but to be honest, I’d rather be a space adventurer.

Dear Axel, where are they keeping the nuts??? Please respond.

I don’t understand this question. And, above all, why three “?” ? This is too violent.

Dear Axel, what does your significant other think of all this? Please respond.

I don’t have a significant other.

Dear Axel, that is excellent news but I was wondering if you could use correct syntax next time? Unless Yoda you are? Please respond.

This is interesting because I have seen different syntax in my reading, and I assume they were all correct. Plus teachers usually tell me that my writing is eloquent even though I tend to write sentences that are too complex.

Dear Axel, do your socks match your underwear? Please respond.

Nope. Why would they?

Dear Axel, why so serious? Please respond

Do I look like a serious person? I am not sure… I find this funny because knowing me I know that I am no stern person.

Are you interested in guys?

I guess this comes from another anonymous person. Why anonymous ?Would my answer be a secret?! I’m interested in people, regardless of their ethnicity, name, gender, age, sexual orientation, social background, or past. The only thing that matters would be their vision of life because that’s how you get to know if you can share a lot of experiences with someone. There is a multitude of people out there, sometimes in front of me, and I can’t purposely decide what my life is like. Why would I categorize it ? Or, why would I try to define what are my inclinations ? This is too limiting. I just live and see how things go. I make myself free and you know what ? I am free.

Dear Axel, what hair removing technique do you use to have such baby smooth legs? Are you a cream or a waxing man? Maybe you just use a razor. If so, which one? Venus Gillette’s? Please respond.

I don’t shave my legs. I take that as an invitation to post a photo of my legs. Your fault.

Dear Axel, what’s wrong with marmite? Please respond.

French people hate it. They’d tell you it’s an abomination of culinary principles, a mistake in the long history of civilization. I am slightly exaggerating. 

Dear Axel, why do they sterilize the needles used to put dogs down? Please respond.

Because they’re not meant to put dogs down, but to have multiple use so they’re sold sterilized.

Dear Axel, what is the meaning behind this peculiar URL? Is it some sort of hipster, edgy, soft grunge statement? Please respond.

Guess. ;-) My url conveys freedom and confidence. 

Dear Axel, what’s up with airline food though? Please respond.

It’s very up.

Dear Axel, if you’re French, does that mean you’re good at french-kissing? Please respond.

No because, although I am French, I am not a good cook, nor am I good at betraying lovers and being a romantic jerk. However, I have been sensitive to French literature and some of its aspects.

Dear Axel, do you have many friends? Or are you a loner? Please respond.

I don’t have many friends but I am not a loner. I do not need many friends to be happy and have good times. In books, main characters often have only a few friends, and that does not prevent them from going on adventures with them.