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Slowly but surely I’m fostering a growing hatred for feminism. And it’s sad. Because originally I started out with an open mind, and I agreed a lot.

But you can only see how much “men suck” without taking offense. 3/4ths of the time it’s about hetero-sexual men, but the entirety of the male…

If you really were feminist, deeply, sensibly, in the sense that if you felt all  the injustices and horror women have to live with (or at least if you can imagine some of them because as a man you’ll never have to experience them, and that only makes the cause worth any inconvenience and worth some sacrifices of self-esteem), then you’d  be strong enough to ignore the fact that women who FIGHT, sometimes violently, with vehemence and loud conviction for their rights can be a little forgetting, and that’s because they really fight. It’s not a game. They aim people who have an attitude and a mentality that prevent equality and I doubt they want to make the effort to state specifically who this is not aimed at, because the speech for feminism and the equality of genders within society has to be heard by everyone, even people who are already convinced of the need of a more equal society. Therefore generalisation of men’s attitudes is only avoidable with difficulty and actuallly quite futile, I think. What matters is that there are men -not necessarily in silence- who support these rights. A lot of men. Yet in the world they do not represent a majority. Most countries, whether economically developed or not, are sexist in one or more ways (economically-socially, culturally, politically) so as long as the condition of women in the world will be as degrading as is it today, I think people referred as “feminists” will shout and try to show people that they are more horrible things that people would naturally do to women than we want to hear. 

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Someone who’s probably gonna stay feminist for his entire existence

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